SafetyNET TIJ Simple Gnocchi


TIJ students (on rotation to TFJ area) will learn how to make fresh potato pasta - gnocchi - from scratch as well as using their research skills to find and analyze a sauce that would go well with their dish. Finally they will produce a food nutrition label for their dish. This can take between 5-9 classes, with extensions, enhancements, and tying it to compiling sauces, or referring to the other exemplar provided on knife safety. Focusing on: Understand the nutritional content of food, Understand the basic elements of PPM 150, How to read a nutritional label, Compare nutritional content of dish with PPM 150 guidelines, Research various sauces. This Gnocchi project can be done for a TIJ rotation program, or in this case EdVance program, as well as be scaled and used in a TFJ2 or TFJ3 course.

Lesson Plan


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