Take Tech Promotion Checklist

☐ Run a grade 8 tech day at your school (See link for example: Grade 8 Tech Day Schedule )

☐ Display promotional materials such as posters, pop up banners, videos, etc... (See link - insert link Sector Flyers, OCTE Posters)

☐ Invite guest speakers to promote tech in your classrooms (SHSM Lead, OYAP Coordinator, Industry partners, etc...)

☐ Organize events to promote the tech programs offered in your school (e.g. Film festival, Tech and Trade days, Youth Employment Opportunity Fair etc...)

☐ Arrange for Take Tech presentations to students (Example: Presentation, Video and Material List)

☐ Use MyBlueprint or other resources to help students explore Tech opportunities myblueprint.ca

☐ Promote SHSM, Dual Credit, Co-op, and OYAP programs to students

☐ Share tech related experiences and events within your classroom as "good news stories" for others to see (Example: UGDSB Electric Car Program)

☐ Develop partnerships within your community for real life projects (Example: UGDSB Dog House Project)