Hospitality and Tourism

What is it? Cooking, travelling, restaurants...Hospitality and Tourism courses provide both a hands-on and a theoretical approach to learning about the various sectors in the field. You’ll have opportunities to develop essential food preparation and presentation skills; will learn about event planning and marketing, customer relations, human resource management, inventory management, and tourism administration and management; and will examine the cultural and economic forces that drive tourism trends. You will also gain experience with equipment and procedures commonly used in their particular sectors of interest, and will comply with health and safety regulations and standards that govern the various sectors in the tourism industry.

Why would I take it? As the hospitality and tourism industry is one of the top fields of employment in Canada, it’s a great sector to explore. If you are not working in the industry, you will surely use the industry, by simply eating in a restaurant, or taking a trip. Being a future career or a connoisseur of the industry, students taking these courses will walk away with useful lifetime skills.