Sector brochures

• 19 different brochures, one for each SHSM program
• There are two different sizes for each brochure, each optimized for a separate use:
• For uploading to a website. The brochure is set up as a 4-panel document, each panel being 11” x 8.5”. These are also best for printing individual copies
• For printing large quantities. The brochure is set up as a 3-panel document, double-sided, with a finished size of 5.5" x 5.5"
• Recommended stock for printing – gloss (100 lb)

If you are placing a print order, please note which brochures, and the quantity of each brochure, on the Order Form. Please contact Blueprint Agencies (; 519.442.1242) with questions or for information on customizing the brochure with your own board or school specific information.

Order Form