OCTE has partnered with Blueprint Agencies, a marketing firm in Paris, ON to create a number of different print resources promoting SHSM. By developing a common set of resources, we hope to raise awareness with students, parents and community partners across the province.


Community Partners

Can be distributed to potential co-op employers and other organizations as an introduction to SHSM, its programs, and how it benefits them and students.


Why Take SHSM

Designed for students and parents, it provides an overview of the SHSM program and its components, and describes how students benefit from enrolling in the program.


Sector Brochures

Details the requirements, credit “bundle” and experiences available of each of the 19 sectors Also includes an overview of the sector and its role in the Ontario economy.


Customized Brochures

Any of these brochures can be customized. That could include putting your own logo on the brochure, adding contact information or using your own photos.


Each of the brochures is provided in two formats and can be downloaded for free:

1. A low-resolution PDF for web
This file can be uploaded to your own Board or school site. This version is also helpful if you wish to print just one or two copies at a time.

2. A high-resolution PDF for print
If you wish to print large quantities, it is recommended that you download this version and bring it to a printer.

Blueprint Agencies can also print the materials for you.
Complete the order form and Blueprint will produce and ship the materials directly to you.

Each of the brochures are designed for generic use – they do not include any board or school specific information. However, each piece can be customized if you would like to include things like local contact information or school or board logos. To learn more, please contact Tim Wolfert at Blueprint Agencies – tim@blueprintagencies.com; 519-442-1242.

A portion of the proceeds from ordering these materials will go towards OCTE and the updating and creation of future materials.