By ordering in bulk, including combining orders from different boards, Blueprint is able to offer competitive printing costs.

A portion of the proceeds from ordering these materials will go towards OCTE and the updating and creation of future materials.

Sector Brochures Why Take SHSM Flyers Community Partner Cards
50 $85.55 $65.25 $65.25
100 $116.00
$79.75 $79.75
200 $152.25
$124.70 $124.70
250 $176.90
$137.75 $137.75
300 $203.00
$150.80 $150.80
400 $261.00 $159.50 $159.50
500 $285.65 $188.50 $188.50
750 $394.40 $216.05 $216.05
1000 $481.40 $275.50 $275.50

The price is for each Sector Brochure ordered. For example, ordering 50 of Agriculture and another 50 of Arts and Culture will be $171.10.

For each piece, the price remains the same regardless of how many quantities of each different version requested. For example, ordering 50 copies of Version 1 and 50 copies of Version 2 will cost $79.75

The minimum order for each is 50, and orders can be placed in any multiple of 25. For orders above 1000, please contact Blueprint Agencies —; 519.442.1242.

These should be considered estimates only. The actual cost will be calculated once an order is received.

The cost for customizing a brochure will vary depending on the number and type of changes requested. The minimum cost for opening and editing each file is $75, and the total will be calculated once the scope of changes is defined.

Prices do not include HST or shipping. Shipping will be calculated at time of delivery and be added to the invoice. For those requiring shipping costs to be included in a quote, we will provide an estimate at the time of order and include the actual on the invoice.