volunteers needed

As your technological education subject association, OCTE, the Ontario Council for Technology Education, seeks your valuable input and participation. The organization, which is run by a dedicated, highly skilled group of volunteers that promote and advance technological education from kindergarten to post-secondary, requests your help. We are seeking volunteers to serve on the following committees through a short- or long-term commitment.

Communications Committee

  • Monitor the website and flag past-dated material and information
  • Collect, collate, and review images to be used on the site
  • Collect, collate, and review submissions for the resource sections
  • Collect, create, collate, and review submissions for the newsfeed
  • Maintain and promote the social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Perform outreach and promote OCTE (e.g. contact other subject associations and professional organizations)
  • Work and coordinate with other committees as needed
  • Email the Communications Committee lead

Awards Committee

  • Award Winner Selections: Reviewing nominations submitted to ensure the award criteria has been met, and prioritize approved nominations for determining the award winners.
  • Correspondence: congratulate and invite award winners to the banquet, Invite past presidents to the banquet, informing School Board appropriate staff of award winner. (Director, Superintendent or Principal)
  • Award Preparations by: arrange for printing award certificates, ordering certificate frames and gifts. Assembling framed certificates
  • Slide Presentation: preparing a short slide presentation for viewing at the awards banquet.
  • Photographer: taking photos of the award winners for posting on the OCTE website , taking candid photos throughout the banquet.
  • Banquet Agenda: preparing and proofing the Awards Banquet Presentation Agenda, ensuring special guests have designated seating (signage)
  • Work and coordinate with other committees as needed
  • Email the Awards Committee lead

Technological Education Board Leads (TEBL)

  • Plan and attend Technological Education Board Lead meetings
  • Bring challenges in technological education to the table for discussions
  • Collect data from school boards and technology teachers
  • Provide solutions(e.g. problem solving, safe implementation of technology projects), and participate in discussions with other TEBL’s
  • Work with community partners, colleges and universities to continue to promote and support technological education and meet the growing need for a highly skilled workforce
  • Work with the Ministry of Education, Ontario College of Trades, Ontario College of Teachers, Ministry of Labour, and other government bodies on concerns related to technological education, co-op and apprenticeship pathways.
  • Work and coordinate with other committees as needed
  • Email the tech education board leads

Elementary Education Committee

  • Conduct website, books reviews
  • Create, collate and review articles regarding professional development, good news, and best practices
  • Provide input regarding the promotion of OCTE, potential ways to generate income, and the OCTE website
  • Create, collate, and review resources
  • Conference planning and participation e.g. working the registration desk, presenting a workshop, recommending and locating vendors, introducing and thanking presenters
  • Work and coordinate with the other committees as needed e.g. assisting with the selection of award winners, planning the awards banquet
  • Email the Elementary Education lead

Secondary Education Committee

  • Create, collaborate, and review resources
  • Develop writing project proposals
  • Respond to member inquires as required
  • Source and update the monthly website safety tip
  • Develop student contests and develop the scopes and associated rubrics
  • Work and coordinate with other committees as needed
  • Email the Secondary Education lead

Conference Committee

  • Provide input regarding the planning and execution of conferences and workshops
  • Staff the registration desk
  • Present a workshop
  • Introduce and thank presenters
  • Act as a conference ambassador
  • Work and coordinate with other committees as needed
  • Email the Conference Committee lead

If you are interested in participating with one of the OCTE Committees (short-term or long-term) or just wish to provide feedback, please click here to contact us via email or email the committee leads via the links above.