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OCTE Poster TransportationTransportation affects our lives in a multitude of ways. Transportation systems move raw materials to manufacturers and finished products to consumers locally, nationally, and globally.

Individuals use transportation systems every day for business, work, and pleasure. Transportation technology courses provide students with opportunities to understand transportation systems from the perspective of either the consumer or the service provider.

The range of courses enables students to study both vehicle ownership and vehicle maintenance, and to develop skills and prepare for careers in the servicing and repair of vehicles, aircraft, and/or watercraft. In addition, students will develop the Essential Skills and work habits that are important for success in the transportation industry.

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College and University Programs that may be of interest

College Diploma Programs
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Civil Engineering


Truck and Coach


Aviation Technician Aircraft Maintenance

Civil Engineering Technology Transportation

School of Transportation - Full List of Courses

Transportation, Technology and Apprenticeship

Truck and Coach
Conestoga Truck and Coach


University or College Degree Programs
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Aerospace Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering


Ontario Tech
Automotive Engineering

Automotive and Vehicle Engineering Technology

Civil Environmental Engineering Transportation

List of Careers that this pathway can lead to

Agricultural Equipment Technicianred-seal.jpg

Alignment and Brakes compulsory-trade.jpg

Technician Auto Body and Collision Damage Repairer (Motor Vehicle Body Repairer – Metal and Paint)compulsory-trade.jpgred-seal.jpg

Auto Body Repairer compulsory-trade.jpg

Automotive Electronic Accessory Technician compulsory-trade.jpg

Automotive Glass Technician 

Automotive Painter red-seal.jpg

Automotive Service Techniciancompulsory-trade.jpgred-seal.jpg

Fuel and Electrical Systems Technician compulsory-trade.jpg

Heavy Duty Equipment Technician red-seal.jpg

Marine Engine Technician 

Motive Power Machinist 

Motorcycle Technician (Motorcycle Mechanic) compulsory-trade.jpgred-seal.jpg 

Powered Lift Truck Technician 

Recreation Vehicle Technician (Recreation Vehicle Service Technician) red-seal.jpg

Small Engine

Technician Tire, Wheel and Rim Mechanic

Transmission Technician compulsory-trade.jpg

Truck and Coach Technician (Truck and Transport Mechanic)compulsory-trade.jpgred-seal.jpg

Truck-Trailer Service Technician (Transport Trailer Technician) compulsory-trade.jpgred-seal.jpg

Turf Equipment Technician

compulsory-trade.jpg Indicates a Compulsory Trade
red-seal.jpg Indicates a Red Seal Trade

Continuum of Influence

Continuum of Influence - Transportation

Lesson Plans

Safety Lessons

Curriculum Lessons

toolSAFE TTJ Jacks and Safety Stands

toolSAFE TTJ On-bench Automotive Battery Charging

toolSAFE TTJ Tire Changer

toolSAFE TTJ Vehicle Hoist

TTJ1O Transportation Technology Chassis measurement

TTJ2O Transportation Technology Design and Construction

TTJ3O Transportation Technology Purchasing a Used Vehicle

TTJ3C Transportation Technology Engine systems