OCTE Poster ManufacturingManufacturing is the transformation of materials into products to meet human needs and wants. Manufacturing technology courses provide students with opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills in the areas of mechanical engineering, robotics and control systems, computer-aided manufacturing, industrial maintenance, precision machining, welding, and sheet metal.

Students will use a broad range of tools and equipment while acquiring engineering, fabrication, and problem-solving skills through the design and fabrication of various projects. Manufacturing courses will also help students understand the effects of manufacturing technology on the environment and society.

Manufacturing courses are designed for students heading to an apprenticeship, to college or university, or directly to the workplace in their pursuit of careers such as tradesperson, technician, technologist, engineer, or any of the skilled entry positions.

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College and University Programs that may be of interest

College Diploma Programs
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Manufacturing Technician

Mechanical Technician

Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Technician

Manufacturing Engineering Technology Welding and Robotics

Mechanical Technician Manufacturing Machining

Mechanical Technician - Welder - Fitter

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mechanical Technician - Tool Making

Electromechanical Engineering Robotics


University or College Degree Programs
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Manufacturing Engineering

Ontario Tech
Manufacturing Engineering

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

List of Careers that this pathway can lead to

Bearings Mechanic 



Composite Structures Technician 

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Programmer 

Die Designer Draftsperson - Mechanical 

Draftsperson - Plastic Mould Design

Draftsperson - Tool and Die Design 

Electric Motor System Technicianred-seal.jpg

Electrical Control (Machine) Builder 

Electrician (Signal Maintenance) 

Elevating Devices Mechanic 


Entertainment Industry Power Technician 

Facilities Mechanic Facilities Technician 

Fitter - Assembler (Motor Assembly) 

General Machinist (Machinist)red-seal.jpg

Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic 

Industrial Electricianred-seal.jpg

Industrial Mechanic Millwrightred-seal.jpg

Instrumentation and Control Technicianred-seal.jpg

Light Rail Overhead Contact Systems Linesperson 


Machine Tool Builder and Integrator 

Metal Fabricator (Fitter)red-seal.jpg

Mould Designer

Mould Maker 

Mould or Die Finisher 

Optics Technician (Lens and Prism Maker)

Packaging Machine Mechanic 

Pattern Maker 

Precision Metal Fabricator 

Pressure Systems Welder 

Process Operator - Food Manufacturing 

Process Operator - Power 

Process Operator - Refinery, Chemical and Liquid Processes 

Process Operator - Wood Products 

Pump Systems Installer 

Railway Car Technician 

Relay and Instrumentation Technician 

Robotics Technician

Roll Grinder/Turner 

Saw Filer/Fitter 

Ski Lift Mechanic 

Surface Blaster 

Surface Mount Assembler 

Thin Film Technician 

Tool and Cutter Grinder 

Tool and Die Makerred-seal.jpg

Tool and Gauge Inspector 

Tool/Tooling Maker Tractor-Trailer 

Commercial Driver Water Well Driller 



compulsory-trade.jpg Indicates a Compulsory Trade
red-seal.jpg Indicates a Red Seal Trade

Continuum of Influence

Continuum of Influence - Manufacturing

Lesson Plans

Safety Lessons

Curriculum Lessons

toolSAFE TMJ Engine Lathe Knurling

toolSAFE TMJ Engine Lathe Turning

toolSAFE TMJ Vertical Mill

toolSAFE TMJ Abrasive Cut-off Saw

toolSAFE TMJ MIG Welding

TMJ1O Manufacturing Technology 3D design and printing

TMJ2O Manufacturing Technology Simple Milling Machine Project

TMJ3C 3M Manufacturing Technology Laser cutter logo design

TMJ3CE Manufacturing Technology Calculating Cutting Speeds