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Hospitality and Tourism

OCTE Poster Hospitality and TourismHospitality and tourism is one of the top fields for employment in Canada. Hospitality and tourism courses prepare students to meet diverse challenges in this multifaceted field. Hospitality and tourism education provides both a hands-on and a theoretical approach to learning about the various sectors in the field.

Students will have opportunities to develop essential food preparation and presentation skills; will learn about event planning and marketing, customer relations, human resource management, inventory management, and tourism administration and management; and will examine the cultural and economic forces that drive tourism trends.

Students will gain experience with equipment and procedures commonly used in their particular sectors of interest, and will comply with health and safety regulations and standards that govern the various sectors in the tourism industry. They will acquire a foundation of skills and knowledge that will prepare them for both postsecondary education and careers in hospitality and tourism.

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College and University Programs that may be of interest

College Diploma Programs
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Event and Hospitality Management

Baking and Pastry Arts

Culinary Management
Pastry Arts Management

George Brown
Culinary Management

Culinary Management (Co-Op)

Event Management

George Brown
Event Planning
Hospitality Hotel Operations Management

Hospitality - Hotel and Restaurant Management


University or College Degree Programs
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Hospitality and Tourism Management

Hospitality and Tourism Management

George Brown
Business Administration (Hospitality)
Commerce Culinary Management

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Hospitality and Tourism Management

List of Careers that this pathway can lead to

Assistant Cook


Baker - Patissier (Baker)


Conference Manager

Cook red-seal.jpg

Destination Tourism Planner

Event Planner

Hotel Investment Analyst

Hotel/Restaurant Manager

Institutional Cook 

Resort Recreation Director

Retail Meat Cutter

Special Events Coordinator

compulsory-trade.jpg Indicates a Compulsory Trade
red-seal.jpg Indicates a Red Seal Trade

Continuum of Influence

Continuum of Influence - Hospitality and Tourism

Lesson Plans

Safety Lessons

Curriculum Lessons

toolSAFE TFJ Kitchen Cross Contamination

toolSAFE TFJ Knife Handling

toolSAFE TFJ Blenders

toolSAFE TFJ Hot Equipment Handling

toolSAFE TFJ Standing Mixer

TFJ1O Hospitality and Tourism Food truck project

TFJ2O Hospitality and Tourism Eight Sectors of Tourism

TFJ3E Hospitality and Tourism Event Planning

TFJ4E TFC4E Hospitality and Tourism One ingredient four ways

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