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Green Industries

OCTE Poster Green IndustriesLandscapeGreen industries courses offer students opportunities to investigate how to care for and sustainably manage our natural and living resources.

Students will explore a variety of areas within green industries, including agriculture, floristry, forestry, horticulture, and/or landscaping. Students will gain practical skills and knowledge by completing a variety of authentic, industry-relevant activities and projects, such as plant propagation and greenhouse maintenance activities; landscape design and planning exercises; assignments that include farm or forestry management plans; and various construction projects.

In addition, students will be introduced to concepts pertaining to biodiversity, environmental sustainability, and natural versus artificial products. Students will also investigate the numerous and varied ways in which green industries and society are interdependent. Green industries courses will prepare students for working safely in the many fields that are encompassed in this subject area. Students will learn about career opportunities in the green industries and about the Essential Skills and work habits that are important for success in these fields.

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College and University Programs that may be of interest

College Diploma Programs
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Landscape Design

Horticulture Industries

Horticulture Technician

Horticulture Technician (Co-op)

Landscape Design

Landscape Technician

Urban and Regional Planning Technology

Landscape Design Certificate


University or College Degree Programs
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Landscape Architecture 

Environmental Design and Planning

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

List of Careers that this pathway can lead to



Agricultural - Dairy Herdsperson

Agricultural - Fruit Grower 

Agricultural - Swine

Golf Course Maintenance

Green roof installations / maintenance

Grounds Management

Hardscape Installer

Horticultural Technician (Landscape Horticulturist) compulsory-trade.jpg red-seal.jpg

Landscape Architect

Landscape Construction

Landscape Maintenance

Lawn Care Technicians

Living wall installations / maintenance

Nursery Green

House Professionals

Industry Supplier

Irrigation Specialists

Project Estimators

Public gardens interpreter

Sustainable food production

Sustainable Urban Development


Utility Arborist

compulsory-trade.jpg Indicates a Compulsory Trade
red-seal.jpg Indicates a Red Seal Trade

Continuum of Influence

Continuum of Influence - Green Industries

Lesson Plans

toolSAFE THJ Leaf Blower

toolSAFE THJ String Trimmer

toolSAFE THJ Wheelbarrow

THJ1O Green Industries Home grown vegetables and herbs

THJ2O Green Industries Designing a Greenhouse

THJ3M Green Industries Sensory Garden Design

THJ4M Green Industries Growing food during a pandemic