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Construction Technology

OCTE Poster ConstructionTwo men looking at papers at a construction site. Construction technology has always played a central role in society. It is a multifaceted industry in which projects can result in products, systems, processes, or services and encompass various aspects of production, repair, and maintenance.

In construction technology courses, students will learn about designing, constructing, and maintaining a variety of buildings and structures, and will gain experience with the tools, equipment, and processes commonly used in the field.

Students will also learn about health and safety standards in the construction industry, building codes and regulations, and employment opportunities and careers in the various sectors of the industry, including electricity, carpentry, masonry, heating and cooling, and plumbing.

The construction technology courses initially focus on residential and light construction systems related to residential buildings and structures, and progress to more advanced residential and light commercial construction. The woodworking courses allow students to concentrate on furniture building or cabinet making.


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College and University Programs that may be of interest

College Diploma Programs
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Building Construction

Carpentry and Renovation

Heating and Air Conditioning

Building Construction Technician

Construction Engineering Technician (Co-op)

Architecture - Construction Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)

Electrical Technician Industrial - (Optional Co-op)

Architectural Technician

Civil Engineering Technician

Construction Engineering Technician

Carpentry and Renovation Technician

George Brown
Carpentry and Renovation Technician

Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician


University or College Degree Programs
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Building Science


Building Science

Construction Management

Building Science and Architecture

Building Engineering Group

List of Careers that this pathway can lead to

Architectural Glass and Metal Technician (Glazier) red-seal.jpg


Brick and Stone Mason (Bricklayer) red-seal.jpg


Cement (Concrete) Finisher red-seal.jpg


Concrete Pump Operator 


Construction Boilermaker (Boilermaker) red-seal.jpg


Construction Craft Worker red-seal.jpg


Construction Millwright 


Drywall Finisher and Plasterer red-seal.jpg


Drywall, Acoustic and Lathing Applicator (Lather – Interior Systems Mechanic) red-seal.jpg


Electrician — Construction and Maintenance compulsory-trade.jpgred-seal.jpg


Electrician — Domestic and Rural compulsory-trade.jpg

Exterior Insulated Finish Systems Mechanic 


Floor Covering Installer red-seal.jpg


General Carpenter (Carpenter) red-seal.jpg


Hazardous Materials Worker 


Heat and Frost Insulator red-seal.jpg


Heavy Equipment Operator - Dozer red-seal.jpg


Heavy Equipment Operator - Excavator red-seal.jpg


 Heavy Equipment Operator - Tractor Loader Backhoe red-seal.jpg


Hoisting Engineer - Mobile Crane Operator 1 (Mobile Crane Operator) compulsory-trade.jpgred-seal.jpg


Hoisting Engineer - Mobile Crane Operator 2 compulsory-trade.jpg

Hoisting Engineer - Tower Crane 


Operator (Tower Crane Operator)compulsory-trade.jpgred-seal.jpg


Ironworker - Generalist red-seal.jpg


Ironworker - Structural and Ornamental red-seal.jpg


Native Residential Construction Worker


Painter and Decorator - Commercial and Residential (Painter and Decorator) red-seal.jpg


Painter and Decorator - Industrial




Powerline Technician red-seal.jpg


Precast Concrete Erector 


Precast Concrete Finisher 


Refractory Mason 

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic) compulsory-trade.jpgred-seal.jpg


Reinforcing Rodworker (Ironworker – Reinforcing) red-seal.jpg


Residential (Low Rise) Sheet Metal Installer compulsory-trade.jpg


Residential Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic compulsory-trade.jpg


Restoration Mason 


Roofer red-seal.jpg


Sheet Metal Worker compulsory-trade.jpgred-seal.jpg


Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installer (Sprinkler System Installer) compulsory-trade.jpgred-seal.jpg


Steamfitter (Steamfitter/Pipefitter) compulsory-trade.jpgred-seal.jpg


Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Setter (Tilesetter) red-seal.jpg

compulsory-trade.jpg Indicates a Compulsory Trade
red-seal.jpg Indicates a Red Seal Trade

Continuum of Influence

Continuum of Influence - Construction

Lesson Plans

Safety Lessons

Curriculum Lessons

toolSAFE TCJ Compound Mitre Saw

toolSAFE TCJ Jointer

toolSAFE TDJ CNC Router

toolSAFE TCJ Circular Saw

toolSAFE TDJ Hot Glue Gun

TCJ1O Construction Technology Design tools for measuring

TCJ2O Construction Technology Different Roof and Home Styles

TWJ3E Woodworking Tool storage Design

TCJ4E Construction Technology Board and lineal foot calculations