Technological Design

What is it? 3D design, architecture, robotics…Technological Design courses provide you with a variety of learning experiences that focus on the practical application of the principles of engineering, architecture, and design. These activity-based courses emphasize problem solving to meet design challenges in a wide range of areas, which may include apparel and textile design, architectural design, interior design, mechanical and industrial design, and robotics and control systems.

Students learn to apply knowledge of research, historical trends, design, materials, fabrication methods, and testing criteria to develop innovative and environmentally sustainable products, processes, and/or services. The technologies and processes used to create design solutions may include both traditional and computer-based drafting methods, scale models, working prototypes, animations and simulations, displays, portfolios, and presentations.

Why would I take it? Students interested in further studies in design, construction, engineering or architecture will definitely benefit from the skills learned in these courses. Students will learn the latest software design programs and then have opportunities to make their design come alive.