Health Care

What is it? Doctor, nurse, dentist….Health Care courses offer students an opportunity to investigate factors contributing to personal health and, at the same time, gain an introduction to a range of careers in the healthcare industry. These careers include, but are not limited to, medical doctor, child care worker, dentist, laboratory technician/technologist, nurse assistant/nurse, pharmacy assistant/pharmacist, and personal support worker.

You will gain hands-on experience using industry-standard instruments, equipment, and materials and practising current techniques. You will also learn the professional terminology of the field, acquire transferable problem-solving skills, and expand your communication and interpersonal skills as you interact with their peers and clients in a variety of simulated care scenarios, like a hospital emergency room, or a medical facility!

Why would I take it? If a student is interested in medicine or healthcare as a possible career choice this is a great way to explore the industry to make a more informed decision.. It is also a great way to help understand all the services that are available to help support society as one never knows when they might have to depend on that extra help.