Construction Technology

What is it? House building, electrical work, woodworking….In construction technology courses, you get to learn about designing, constructing, and maintaining a variety of buildings and structures, and will gain experience with the tools, equipment, and processes commonly used in the field. Students will also learn about health and safety standards in the construction industry, building codes and regulations. Some schools will also offer woodworking courses which allow students to concentrate on furniture building or cabinet making

Why would I take it? There is always some satisfaction in learning how to build something yourself. From easy woodworking projects to building walls and learning electrical work, Construction has it all. Imagine owning your own home one day and being able to do work around the house yourself! And for Students who just love working with their hands, the construction industry can be a very lucrative career - you can make a lot of money! Construction also complements other career pathways, like architecture as well as fire fighting. It’s always good to know how a wall is built if you are trying to get through it.