SafetyNET TXJ Foil Hair Highlighting


TXJ3E1 - HIGHLIGHTING TECHNIQUES - Students will learn various methods of highlighting hair during the course and in this lesson they will specifically work with foil integrating safety techniques. *Lessons to be taught prior to this project include: Introduction to Hair Color Theory, The Color Wheel Primary / Secondary Colors, Neutralization and Complimentary Colors, Levels of Natural Hair Color and the Undercoat / Levels of Lightening, International Numbering System, Types of Hair Color, Hydrogen Peroxide Volumes and the Levels of Lift Case Studies, Re-Growth Hair Color Application and Take Thru. It may also be useful to refer to the full lesson plan attachment from another SafetyNET exemplar from the same author - TXJ LC1 Lesson Plan TXJ3ME Intro to Haircolour 1.pdf.

Lesson Plan


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