SafetyNET TTJ Tire Changing


TTJ3O1 - Tire Changing - Tire Inspection and Removal and Installation. Students will learn to write a report and operate the tire change machine in a safe and proper manner. The lesson content would take approximately 4 periods. We cover Inflation gauges, guards, explosion risks, safety with school vehicles, measuring tapes, and wearing goggles. We describe equipment and tool operation, safety, awareness and report writing steps in this project. I have included a full length instructional video made in our lab. We provide detail on Inflation pressures, tire types, sizing, maintenance, and coding. Class size 20:1 as per school and board policy. As we do tire changes seasonally, this skill is done as an ongoing performance at those times of year when people change tires. We have the necessary supplies to complete these tasks. We process repairs to tires and vehicles for this project. We check tire inflation pressures, learn to use gauges, TPMS, and service kits. I would usually do this with a class of 24 students, and focus on the content of checking inflation guard/pressures, R.I.M. safety, tire types, maintenance, and tire coding.

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