SafetyNET TTJ Cooling System Inspection


Depending on the previous knowledge in the shop, class maturity and dynamic, this activity takes between 2-4 days to complete. The students will be able to safely identify parts of cooling systems, demonstrate their operation, measure coolant strength and test cooling systems with appropriate tools. The students will verify their safety awareness throughout the steps of completion especially handling hazardous materials like anti-freeze, and disposing of it properly, utilizing proper shop PPE. We take some time and explain how pressure and/or vacuums change the boiling points of water and other liquids. Our lab accommodates up to twenty-two students and one teacher. One group of students will be testing antifreeze strength (freezing point), while another group are testing the antifreeze’s PH level, another group will be testing thermostats, while another group will be R&R water pumps, all finishing with the task of pressure testing a cooling system. The groups rotate until all groups have been exposed to all stations. Most importantly, ingrain in the students the importance of all anti-freeze being discarded in accordance to the environmental laws.

Lesson Plan


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