SafetyNET TPJ Sterilizing Health Care Equipment


Cleaning, Disinfecting and Storing Health Care Equipment. Through classroom lesson review and a pamphlet project, students perform a demonstration on sterilization methods. This project takes approximately 4-6 periods from beginning to end, depending on the students and resources. For further accommodations, take more time. Days 1-2 - learning and researching, demonstrations. Days 3-4 - pamphlet design and review. Days 5-6 - presentation, individual student demonstration of skills learned, safety passport sign-off. All students in TPJ need to be familiarized with the processes and environment necessary for safe use of Health Care equipment in the classroom. In this lesson, the students will put learning and understanding into practice. The students will be responsible along with the instructor to understand medical tool safety is first and foremost in health care. Protection of oneself, and others is critical - infection from inappropriate handling of health care equipment is an unnecessary occurrence that can be remedied with proper training and safety awareness. As an extension, students may complete the attached exercise that models how an infectious disease spreads. TPJ HN2 Infectious Disease Spreading Assignment.pdf.

Lesson Plan


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