SafetyNET TPJ First Aid CPR AED Principles


TPJ3M1 - The goal of this unit is to teach health care students the basics of these topics; essentially the principles without offering a full certification course and program - approximately 8 x 75 minute lessons. These lessons can also be used to teach CPR/ FA to TPJ 2O1 or TPJ 4C1 classes. The unit can also be purposed for TPJ4M1. The resources materials attached are numbered by the sections as listed below with MSDS generally included. 18 students is ideal, depending on the final intention of the course of training and whether true certification during that semester is planned. With more students it would be difficult to ensure the full coverage of content for full certification. Students would benefit from true certifications being obtained in the course, however an outside tester may be required. Introduction to First Aid and CPR Principles, Airway-Choking,Breathing and Circulation Emergencies, Cardiac Arrest, Wound Care, Bone, Muscle and Joint Injuries. In the instructional strategies section there are also a selection of Youtube demonstration weblinks.

Lesson Plan


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