SafetyNET TMJ Sumobot


This project is ideal for a TMJ3M1 course. The Sumobot is a small, aluminum, motorized, two-wheeled vehicle designed to push a like vehicle out of a 4 meter circle. Students learn safety, design, problem-solving, gearing, manufacturing, joining and fastening, quality control, assembly and fitting. On average it takes 18 classes based on a manufacturing facility with several of the machines I list below. It includes a design component. However, that time will vary a great deal depending on the situation. My classes varied from 12 to 20 students. I had very limited resources. If you have a fully-equipped manufacturing facility the project will go much more quickly. From a manufacturing standpoint if I only had one machine of each, I would need more time then the 18 classes listed above. This project might run a bit longer then anticipated anyway, so I suggest not leaving it to the end of semester. The first time I did this project I left it to the end of the semester and some students didn’t get done and I had no room to maneuver. Photos are available. I only have photos of examples made from wood. Since this is a grade 11 project the project is made from aluminum. When looking at the attachments I suggest looking at the Sumobot project summary and pictures first. This gives you an idea of the project. The next document to read is General Shop Safety Rules and the Safety Acknowledgement. After that, the specific safety attachments come in the order that I tend to follow as I go through the project: Bandsaw, Milling Machine, Lathe, Benchwork, and MIG Welder Safety. The photos and doc files are my work. The MSDS for Argon I pulled from the Internet. The welding safety video is an older video I received from a colleague.

Lesson Plan


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