SafetyNET TMJ Brass Cannon


Machine (turn) a model ships cannon from brass blank. Mastering and advancing basic skills on the metal lathe. 10-15 periods. This is a more advanced project for students with limited skills. Design modifications can be made to simplify the machining process and accommodate students. My version for students is based on a craft project written and submitted for Popular Mechanics February 1969 (see excerpted pages as reference) by Walter E. Burton. The original article pages 134-139 can be accessed online at the Google books link for Popular Mechanics (included later in this template). I have provided scans attached as well. Please note full respect of copyright and resources gathered over time from colleagues. I also reference a DVD set on Machining that includes demonstrations of lathe and milling machine. I've included more notes on project source info later within the template.

Lesson Plan


Zip File of All Resources