SafetyNET TMJ The 1-2-3 Blocks


This project is ideal for a TMJ4M1 course. Heat treated, precision ground, steel blocks, 1” by 2” by 3” with drilled and tapped holes. See attached photos. Students learn safety, design improvement, problem-solving, manufacturing, heat treating / metallurgy, quality control. The design element of this project will vary depending on what the student sees as the most desirable option. On average it takes 15 classes based on a manufacturing facility with more then one milling machine. However, the time will vary a great deal depending on the situation. If you don’t have a surface grinder you will need to partner with a college or create another suitable partnership. That will require some creative thinking. My classes varied from 12 to 20 students. I had very limited resources. If you have a fully-equipped manufacturing facility the project will go much more quickly. It needs hand tools of various types found in a standard manufacturing room, a milling machine, and surface grinder. From a manufacturing standpoint if I only had one machine of each, I would need more time then the 15 classes listed above. This project might run a bit longer then anticipated anyway. Photos are available. When looking at the attachments I suggest looking at the 1-2-3 Blocks project summary and pictures first. This gives you an idea of the project. The next document to read is General Shop Safety Rules and the Safety Acknowledgement. After that, the specific safety attachments come in the order that I tend to follow as I go through the project: Bandsaw, Milling Machine, Lathe, and Benchwork. The photos and doc files are my work. The MSDS for Argon I pulled from the Internet.

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