SafetyNET TIJ Youth Centre Design


TIJ students design a Youth Centre floor plan and construct a model. They construct this using utility knives, rubber cement, hot glue guns, cardboard, acrylic paints, and saw in a safe and environmentally conscious manner. This project can be completed with a class size anywhere from 10 – 30 students. Depending on extensions, it will take around 15, 70 minute periods. They individually draw a Bubble Diagram and sketch a Floor Plan of a Youth Centre. Then, in a group of 3-4 students construct a model of a Youth Centre after group collaboration on ideas and redevelopment. In the broad spectrum of looking at this project the goal is to: Introduce and practice the design process, Problem solving, Practice measurement and layout skills, Intro to tool use and building process, Follow safe practices and procedures when using materials, tools, and equipment.

Lesson Plan


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