SafetyNET TIJ Wood Boat Model Building


TIJ students design and create a scale model sail boat that tracks across the pond. Project is appropriate for grades 9 and 10, to be completed over 10-15 70 minute periods. Project scope – This is a suburban school with a class size of approximately 20. I believe it would work in a larger class or in a rural setting also. This project is an excellent starting point for Grade nine students as it does not require any of the large stationary machines. Once the design process is complete the students can begin construction using the band saw or scroll saw. I have found both tools to be a lower risk factor as compared to the table saw for example, and as a result they are busy creating their project. Those who are self directed and comfortable with the building process can progress independently allowing the teacher to spend time with those who need more assistance. In the broad spectrum of looking at this project the goal is to: Introduce and practice the design process, Problem solving – with material shaping, learning new processes, Practice measurement and layout skills, Intro to tool use and building process, Follow safe practices and procedures when using materials, tools, and equipment.

Lesson Plan


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