SafetyNET THJ Tool Safety Primer Horticulture


THJ2O1 - The overall goal is to provide a basic Tool safety primer for working in horticulture and landscaping. In this overview set of lessons, we cover: tool safety primer, rototiller, sweeper, walk behind large mower, regular mower, hedge shear, blower, wheelbarrow safety, and the yard boss power tool. This includes awareness of generalized hazards in the landscaping industry and how to use hand tools, power tools, and developing good judgement to mitigate risks. This lesson is intended to address curriculum expectations for all green industries courses grades 10 through 12 and should be part of foundational safety instruction. This includes THJ3M1 / THJ4M1. This activity is intended to address personal safety for specifically the use of light power equipment and lawn mowers. A PPE safety lesson should preced this SafetyNET template I have provided before familiarization and obtaining safety passports with horticulture and landscaping tools. The lessons are provided in three formats as outlined below. I use Moodle to do most of my teaching as it is digitally engaging and accessible from anywhere for students to be responsible for their own time and following the program. This Moodle activity goes over tools and scenarios relevant for THJ basic tool knowledge and some general advice. This will take about a week to 10 days depending on your class to progress through the safety passports and testing. There are three separate "student activity" files in the attached files. The first .zip file is ready for use immediately on Moodle all you need do is from your Moodle page click add a resource => IMS content package => choose or upload a file => upload the lawnmower_safety or file and select. The lesson is also included as a standalone lesson which can be burned as a cd rom or loaded onto a drive or memory stick. To download and use a .zip file, you first click to download and save in a new folder named for what it is. Then you 'extract' the file in the folder. Then you look for the index.html file. Depending on your computer's preset browser, clicking on the index file will open the browser and allow students to review the file. If you have a school network, any of the 'standalone' lessons can be saved there and accessed by students simultaneously without having to setup your own moodle access. The lesson will play in any web browser. The third file I've provided with this SafetyNET template is a .elp file which will allow you to edit the contents of the lesson should you wish to do so. To do this you will need to install EXE Xhtml editor available at Contact if you have further questions about how to do this. The SafetyNET team has also created a .pdf file of the website display pages as a student handout option.

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