SafetyNET THJ Surveying Hand Signals


THJ3M1 - To communicate accurately and clearly the primary tasks associated with field surveying (spot elevations) and the safe use of surveying equipment. To communicate in non-verbal manner, signals utilized for industry. This unit is conducted outside for a landscape build project. The set-up of the tripod and survey level instrument may be utilized indoors if an ``A-Frame`` is built. This apparatus has three (3) overlapping points which allow the tripod legs be placed within the overlapping `point`for securing the unit on a slippery service. Otherwise, please refer to the images included for ``Getting Started.` This SafetyNET template is related to the other exemplar provided - Teaching Land Surveying Basics: Establishing Spot Elevations - Essentially students are learning how to determine the existing height of ground at a location. This may be an essential lesson as part of the Specialist High Skills Major in Green Industries. I also recommend this have the precursor of the Jake Kurtz Exemplars on PPE for Horticulture, and the Horticulture Tool Safety Primer units in advance of this unit.

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