SafetyNET THJ Landscaping Surveying


Teaching Land Surveying Basics: Establishing Spot Elevations - Essentially students are learning how to determine the existing height of ground at a location. This may be an essential lesson as part of the Specialist High Skills Major in Green Industries. Their goal is to measure and check the height of land and a variety of features around the school property using land surveying equipment. Currently delivered as part of a mixed level THJ 3/4 E/M course, this activity is recommended for grade 12 students but can extend depending on the group to competent grade 11 students. It usually would take about 3 periods but can also extend depending on the group's level of capability and availability of resources. Developing spot elevations leads to applications of data for such products as base maps, site plans, or contour models. Landscape contractors use spot elevations when constructing patios, walks, and walls. In general the classroom requires an appropriate number of Survey Kit: tripod, level, rod. Schools or Boards that do not own equipment may rent these from the local rental centre or ask an Ontario Land Surveyor for assistance to borrow or obtain equipment. Survey kits are designed for groups of two, can work well with three, or use four if necessary. If necessary, large areas can be broken down, and teams of 2 or 3 can be responsible for one small area meaning that even one survey kit could handle a typical class size of 15 to 20.

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