SafetyNET TGJ Safe Shooting With Equipment


Applicable for TGJ3/4, depending on student / class dynamics. Students use video cameras and editing to explore linear and non-linear production styles to create a sequence “caught on camera”. Activity is to be completed over 10, 70 minute periods. Student learning goals include: Students work in small groups to create two versions of the same story: 1) a surveillance style static shot that shows all the action in one linear take. 2) a re-enactment using different camera movements, and multiple camera shots that enhance the story. Students will explore editing software as they assemble their production for screening and hear constructive feedback from their peers. Each group of 4-5 students will need a video camera, tripod and base plate, dolly wheels, storage media, possibly lighting instruments or light reflectors for the “on location” video recording. Each group should have access to a computer edit system with software to accommodate this project. Although this is a basic project, it can be differentiated very easily and offer more challenging versions to students who benefit from enriched or enhanced assignments.

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