SafetyNET TFJ Spices and School Garden Dangers


This activity / project can be introduced in the grade 10, 11, 12 TFJ Hospitality and Tourism courses. Recommended for students in TFJ2/3/4 - can be extended as needed for enhancement. Currently laid out for 5 periods (76 minutes per period) = 6.5 hours. Students are introduced to herbs and spices that considers all safety aspects from safety and sanitation, tools and equipment, and food-borne illness, and potential dangers of growing your own products in a school garden. Students develop basic knowledge and skills to: use herbs and spices safely, access and explore a variety of herbs and spices used in the Hospitality Industry, develop an awareness on how to grow safely in a garden, develop an understanding of the various herbs and spices used in the Hospitality Industry, implement a plan to grow spices in a school garden, collaborate with peers and instructor to implement, increase safety awareness regarding growing healthy food. The main focus of this project is to determine potential dangers by growing healthy food in Ontario. By adding an implementation (build) phase, students are more engaged and take ownership of their product. They play a leadership role as the project comes to life through the “build” component.

Lesson Plan


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