SafetyNET TFJ Soups Safety


Students are asked to plan and prepare multiple soups in a safe environment that considers all safety aspects from safety and sanitation, tools and equipment, and food-borne illness. The main focus of this project is soup preparation. By adding an implementation (build) phase, students are more engaged and take ownership of their product. They play a leadership role as the project comes to life through the “build” component. This activity / project can be introduced in the grade 10, 11, 12 TFJ Hospitality and Tourism courses. Recommended for students in TFJ2/3/4 - can be extended as needed for enhancement. Currently laid out for 5 periods (76 minutes per period) = 6.5 hours. Students develop basic knowledge and skills to: use tools and equipment safely, access and explore a variety of cooking methods used in the Hospitality Industry, lay out ingredients as instructed, choose appropriate ingredients, cooking methods, and tools and equipment, develop a plan to prepare soups, implement a plan to prepare soups, collaborate with peers and instructor to implement, increase safety awareness in the shop.

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