SafetyNET TFJ Mixing Cookie Dough Dangers


TFJ3M1 - Learn how to make cookies safely, understand potential dangers while making cookies, and how to refuse unsafe work. Generally this activity would take around 8, 70 minute periods. They need to demonstrate an understanding of and compliance with health and safety standards in the various sectors of the tourism industry. They need to prepare and present food products in a variety of ways, following accepted industry procedures, demonstrate an understanding of tools, equipment, and facilities used in the various sectors of the tourism industry. Students develop basic knowledge and skills to: use tools and equipment safely, access and explore a variety of cooking methods used in the Hospitality Industry, lay out ingredients as instructed, choose appropriate ingredients, cooking methods, and tools and equipment, develop a plan to prepare cookies. implement a plan to prepare cookies, collaborate with peers and instructor to implement training, increase safety awareness in the shop.

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