SafetyNET TFJ Food Storage Handling


Recommended for TFJ3 or TFJ4. Students will learn about how to store, receive, cook, prepare, and serve food properly, using proper techniques for food safety procedures. The learning will occur from a physical demonstration from the teacher and students will be given multiple opportunities to demonstrate their ability to follow the proper procedures and techniques in order to prepare, store, receive, hold and serve food items properly. They will be able to demonstrate knowledge of Danger Zone temperatures. What is provided here should take approximately 5, 70 minute periods for formal lesson but learning will be ongoing whenever students are preparing food products. The most valuable part of this exemplar are the multi-lingual resources available. French, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic posters for key learning items are there, and useful for many Ontario classrooms, courtesy of the Greater Essex Health Unit.

Lesson Plan


Zip File of All Resources