SafetyNET TFJ Cross-Contamination Prevention


Recommended for TFJ3 or TFJ4. Keeping kitchens straight, safety for allergies, celiac, religious reasons, students will learn about the hazards and how to prevent food from cross-contamination by using proper techniques and procedures. The learning will occur from a physical demonstration from the teacher and students will be given multiple opportunities to demonstrate their ability to follow the proper procedures and techniques in order to prepare, store, receive, hold and serve food items properly without cross-contamination. What is provided here should take approximately 1, 70 minute periods for formal lesson but learning will be ongoing whenever students are preparing food products. The main thing is emphasizing the absolute importance of the hazards for medically sensitive clients and respecting the cultural rights of patrons in a professional hospitality environment. Project is ongoing throughout the semester. The safe food handling procedures must be followed at all times in order to prevent cross-contamination which can lead to food borne illness. This lesson is one of the 'Big Ideas' of the curriculum and is a must to be adhered to each and every time a student enters the kitchen/shop area.

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