SafetyNET TDJ Room To Room Rube Goldberg


TDJ4M - Students are asked to design, create and test a room-to-room Rube Goldberg Machine that closes a door. This activity is recommended for grade 12 students, to be done over 20 periods. The class size for this grade 12 course is 21 which is a Peel DSB class cap standard in the technology classes using tools and machinery. The projects must be carefully coordinated and structured to ensure controlled management of students and tasks. This requires a lot of planning and communications, especially with safety components. Upon completion of this activity, students will be able to: explain the purpose of building models and prototypes, and identify tools, materials, and methods for building and testing them; select different devices that can be used in the Rude Goldberg project, including but not limited to, levers, simple machines, and pulleys; inquire into the devices that can be used and combine them to create the complex machine, identify tools, equipment, and methods for testing and evaluating models and prototpe; communicate their ideas in their groups to come together to complete the design as a group, physically create the design as a group.

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