SafetyNET TDJ Monster Truck


TDJ3M - Students are asked to design, build, assemble and race a 12V monster truck model, recommended for grade 11 students, to be done over 20 periods. The class size for this grade 11 course is 21 which is a Peel DSB class cap standard in the technology classes using tools and machinery. The projects must be carefully coordinated and structured to ensure controlled management of students and tasks. This requires a lot of planning and communications, especially with safety components. Upon completion of this activity, students will be able to: Explore and use Google SketchUp as a method to visualize a design; Research, and use industry design standards for a vehicle design, research a particular tool / machine and present information on the tool with an emphasis on safety features and processes, choose and safely use a variety of power tools, equipment and hand tools required to build the model, safely cut, shape, form, assemble and finish a physical three-dimensional model of their design.

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