SafetyNET TDJ Mitrebox


TDJ2O - Construction of a small mitrebox - this is an extension project for high achieving students. It would be completed over 10, 70 minute periods. High achieving students (approx 5 per class) build a mitre box and instruct other students how to use it. Refer to the red content in the materials provided as additional teacher info built in to the handouts and resources specifically relating to DI / MI / IEP students. The mitre box project is for exceptional high-functioning students who wish to work with non-standard angles and who have a particular passion for doing high quality work. This project also allows students to see and experience that tools to get a job done more efficiently and accurately can be conceived, designed and built by the workers themselves. This gives the students a sense that, in the workplace, the worker is not just a cog in the machinery, but rather, a profoundly important factor in continuous improvement.

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