SafetyNET TCJ Plumbing Soldering Copper Line


TCJ3M - They will learn the industry specific terminology, design and building practices to help them be successful within the trades, in this case specifically plumbing for home installations. They will also focus on the components of personal and job site safety. Students will gain an understanding of industry specific terminology, tools, safety and building process that applies to plumbing and job site safety. This unit is designed to introduce students to the process of components of home water systems. This unit is intended to utilize some of the skill sets that students have learned throughout their time in the shop. Measurement, Drafting / Drawing, and the safety portfolio for tool usage in the shop is assumed to have been leading up to this unit. There is an extensive list of Youtube videos in the materials and equipment section to show dealing with hot work, propane torches, soldering, and copper line repairs and testing.

Lesson Plan


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