SafetyNET TCJ Framing Roof


Recommended for TCJ4M1 - Construction Technology Roof Framing Project. Can possibly be completed with a skilled, well experienced, ambitious TCJ3M1 class. In this project students will learn how to "Solve a Roof". Using just a framing square, students in groups will layout, and then cut the rafters and other components required to cap their building, all while working on the ground - no trial and error in place. They will then have to correctly and safely assemble all those components into a completed structure. One of the greatest skills that students can learn is how to apply general knowledge, for instance safety awareness, to a specific project. In construction there are typically multiple ways of doing any specific task- each of which has implications as to safety, cost, finished result, time required, etc. A critical skill for students to develop is the ability to continually assess tasks from multiple perspectives and make good decisions. This multiple week activity is also a confirmation of student safety understanding through a full production process.

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