Ontario Curriculum K-8: Health & Safety (MOE)


As children grow, gain independence, and explore their environment – at school, at home, and beyond – in ever more complex ways, it is imperative that they gain the knowledge and skills they need to identify and minimize risks to their health and safety.

This scope and sequence document is designed to support such learning by identifying expectations in the various subjects of the Ontario curriculum that provide opportunities for children and students to acquire knowledge and skills related to:

  • health and safety (with a focus on injury prevention and health protection)
  • safe behaviours
  • safe practices

The focus in this elementary resource document is on expectations that relate to personal health and safety, safety in play/learning and other environments, and safety in relationships.

In the elementary curriculum, expectations that outline learning specific to these aspects of health and safety are found primarily in the science and technology curriculum and the health and physical education curriculum and, to a lesser extent, in other subject area curriculum documents as well. In addition, opportunities to make connections to health and safety are apparent in various examples, teacher prompts, and sample issues that accompany expectations; these are also identified in this document.