Live Safe! Work Smart! resource​ (MOL)

Health and Safety Resource to Support Teachers Involved in Cooperative Education, the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program And Other Forms of Experiential Learning

The Ministry of Education policy document, “Cooperative Education and Other Forms of Experiential Learning, 2000,” emphasizes the importance of healthy and safe placements for Ontario students in Cooperative Education, Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programs, and other forms of Experiential Learning. Further, it stresses providing classroom safety instruction to students and sets out eight learning expectations that students must demonstrate in relation to this topic.

This revised Live Safe! Work Smart! resource will help teachers deliver the required health and safety learning expectations, as well as meet policy requirements around placement assessment. It has suggestions on how to conduct a workplace health and safety placement assessment and it provides classroom safety lessons and student activities related to curriculum expectations in the Ministry of Education cooperative education policy.

More information is available on the Ministry of Labour’s website.