Balloon Rockets (Grade 6)

Subject: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms - Flight

Introduction: Aerospace engineers are people who design and build vehicles which take astronauts to the moon. Newton’s Third Law (“to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”) is an important science principal used in this type of project. With this project, you will become the aerospace engineer, designing and building a balloon rocket which will transport your cargo.

Your mission: Design and build a rocket that will carry its cargo from point A to point B.

Balloon rocket parts


  • Balloon - long, thin type
  • Clothespin - spring type
  • Drinking straw
  • String or fishing line - at least 7.5 meters (20 feet) long
  • Tape - Scotch or masking
  • Straws -plastic
  • Scissors
  • Scrap paper
  • Cardboard from empty cereal boxes
  • Paper cups - small
  • Marble or bottle cap (for cargo)