Habitats Design challenge (Grade 4)

Grade: Four

Topic: Habitats

Design Challenge Situation:

An internationally famous game company, Games “R” Us has decided to create an educational game to help Grade 4 students learn more about the roles of predators and prey within ecosystems. However they have been unable to find an expert within their company to do this and have therefore asked you to design and construct a prototype (model) of a predator/prey game that they can manufacture and sell.

Design Specifications: Your model must:

  • be made out of the materials supplied
  • be based on predator/prey information
  • be interesting enough to interest an average grade 4 student
  • look good – parts should be cut accurately, joined together well and without too much glue )
  • have a storage place to keep game pieces so that they don’t get lost
  • be accompanied by the required paper work