Stability Design Challenge (Grade 3)

Grade: Three

Topic: Stability

Challenge/Problem: Design and construct a model of a structure that will hold a suspended object at different heights above the ground (as with a pioneer cooking pot held above a fire)

Skill Builders:

  • Skill Builder 1 – A-Maze-ing Hinged Game
  • Skill Builder 2 – Strengthening a Structure
  • Skill Builder 3 – Balance
  • Skill Builder 4 – Table (Stability and Strength)

Prior Knowledge and Skills

  • concept of stability, including balance, centre of gravity and strong or rigid forms (e.g., triangulation, support beams)
  • using triangles (e.g., gussets, trusses) and support pieces (e.g., struts, buttresses) to make a structure more stable
  • pioneer cooking utensils and methods



  • 1 cm by 1cm wood,
  • wooden dowel (.4 cm diameter),
  • craft sticks,
  • Bristol board,
  • wheels (wood, press board – not cardboard),
  • hacksaw,
  • mitre box,
  • safety snips,
  • gussets (small [yellow] and large [green]),
  • joiners,
  • string,
  • carpenter’s glue,
  • low temperature glue gun and glue,
  • scissors,
  • hand drill,
  • sandpaper,
  • plastic spacers,
  • rubber washers
  • something to attach weight to (e.g., hook),
  • standard weights