Wheeled vehicle design challenge (Grade 2)

Grade: Two

Topic: Movement

Task: Design and construct a wheeled vehicle that will travel as far as possible.

Possible Extensions to Task: Students could also test the effects of different heights and types of surface with the incline plane (e.g.. attach a hinge to the incline plane so the height can be adjusted, change the surface of the inclined plane [e.g., wood, plastic, carpet, sandpaper, cardboard, etc.).

Materials and tools:

  • 1 cm by 1 cm wood
  • gussets,
  • carpenter’s glue,
  • hack saw,
  • mitre box,
  • joiners,
  • wooden dowels,
  • wheels,
  • cardboard axle holders,
  • eyelets (screw eyes),
  • straws,
  • wood pieces and other materials to construct an incline plane
  • (Optional: materials to cover the incline plane surface)