Wheeled Vehicle and Moving Air (Grade 2)

Grade: Two

Topics: Energy from Wind and Moving Water; Movement

Design challenge:

  • Design and construct a device that uses moving air to make something move.
  • Design and construct a wheeled vehicle that will travel as far as possible.

Tools and Materials:

  • Large diameter (milkshake) plastic straws,
  • wooden clothes pegs,
  • paper, axle holders (cardboard triangles [gussets with a hole]),
  • eyelets (3/16 in [.4 cm] inside diameter screw eyes or a 3/16 inch [.4 cm] diameter hole,
  • wooden dowels (.4 cm),
  • wheels (e.g., commercial cardboard, pressboard, or wooden; found materials such as metal or plastic lids with holes punched in them),
  • carpenter’s glue,
  • simple wooden frame made out of 1 cm x 1 cm bass wood (see Grade 1 Skill Builder 4);
  • Scissors,
  • safety snips,
  • cardboard, coroplast, boxboard (card stock, including index cards),
  • hacksaw,
  • mitre box,
  • round wooden dowel (.4 cm diameter),
  • low temperature glue gun and glue,
  • paper frog drawings,
  • white glue,
  • elastic bands,
  • paper awl