Simple Frame Structures (Primary Grades)

Grade: Primary

Topic: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms - Materials, Objects, and Everyday Structures

Introduction: During the primary years students discover that there are different types of structures around them. As they begin to design and make different structures using a variety of materials it is important the students understand the techniques which will make their structures stable. Once the student understands how to build a simple frame, this process can be used repeatedly throughout various design activities ( i.e. bridges, houses, vehicles etc.) Students use craft sticks, gussets, glue, and a joiner to make a square frame (see illustrated instructions below) that is square (i.e., right angle corners) and strong (i.e., holds together when dropped from a one meter height onto a hard floor).

simple square frame structure


  • craft sticks
  • gussets
  • glue
  • a joiner