Playground Equipment Design (​Grade 1)

Grade: One

Topic: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms - Materials, Objects, and Everyday Structures

Task Description:

You are a builder who has been asked by the town council to build a playground structure that serves the community. You will create a model of a piece of playground equipment using at least one simple frame and connecting pieces made from 1 cm X 1 cm basswood, craft sticks, and other found materials. You will display your playground equipment on a large piece of paper representing a map of your playground, including landscaping (e.g., trees, bushes, ponds) and pathways.

playground equipment model


  • Hack saw
  • mitre box
  • carpenter’s glue, low temperature glue guns and glue
  • cardboard
  • 1 x 1 cm basswood
  • craft sticks
  • gussets, joiners
  • crayons, paint, stickers, pencils, markers
  • found materials (e.g., toilet paper rolls, pipe cleaners, lids, spools, corks, etc.)