Imagineering: A Yes, We Can! Sourcebook

Authors: Reynolds, Bill, Bob Corney and Norm Dale

Published: 1999, Toronto: Trifolium Books Inc.

ISBN: 1-895579-19-8

Grades: K-3

Description: This is an excellent sourcebook for early technology experiences. Imagineering is packed with ideas to stimulate young students' imagination and creativity as they explore the issues and applications of technology. It provides them with opportunities to use tools and materials for creating products or solutions to satisfy needs that together, you and your students have identified and/or recognized.

Major Features Include:
- Applications of a simple problem-solving process in design and technology
- "Getting Started" ideas for classroom organization with thematic activity centres
- Ideas and techniques for the use of simple tools and materials
- Dozens of hands-on challenges geared to contemporary curriculum directions
- A set of "teacher notes" to provide helpful hints for focussing on each challenge plus a section of "Approaches to Assessment"
- A list of great resources for each of the activity sections

Imagineering: A Yes, We Can! Sourcebook for Early Technology cover