Designing and Building An Action Game (Grade 8)

Grade: Eight


  • Understanding Structures and Mechanisms - Systems In Action
  • Understanding Matter and Energy - Fluids


The Internationally famous firm of “Games R Us” is looking to expand into the educational market. They would like to produce games that are educational but yet are entertaining and interesting, especially to teenagers. The “Games R Us” game designers, feel that a game involving pneumatics and hydraulics would be suitable but do not have the knowledge necessary to create a game of this type. They have therefore approached you to design and construct a prototype (model) of a game that meets the following design specifications (requirements). Final proposals, including prototypes, are due at the close of business on ________(date).

Design Specifications - the game must:

  • be operated using hydraulics or pneumatics (the syringes are used to control the rolling movement of the marble through the maze design on the base)
  • be challenging enough to hold the interest of a teenager
  • there must be a place provided for the storage of all loose parts
  • be constructed out of the materials provided


  • 1 piece of wooden dowel (supports the game board)
  • Game board 30 cm x 30 cm. can be made from a thin piece of hardboard or from a thick piece of cardboard
  • 4 syringes preferably 2 different sizes (provide the force to move the game board). The follower syringes are placed in diagonally opposite corners through holes drilled in the game board
  • 1 piece of plastic tubing about 100 cm long
  • 1 block of wood about 10 cm long (a piece of 2x4 would work well for the base for the game)
  • Strips of wood to create the game surface (“jinx” wood or Popsicle sticks)
  • Marble or game pieces